Nikhil Narayan started India's first PHP Training institute in 2004 and the first Android Training Institute in 2008. He is considered one of the best corporate trainers all over India. He has personally trained and placed thousands of freshers in the top software companies, taken Seminars in IITs and Top IT Companies.

Having found programming an easy job and not challenging enough, Nikhil started to look for a solution for the world's toughest question - What makes an intelligent, educated, honest and hardworking person still fail to achieve big success and what training can guarantee than even a poorly educated average person can become an extraordinary success? Having found his way into success through studying, experimenting and collaborating with winners, Nikhil is now on a Mission to change the lives of all 'ordinary' people and make them extraordinary.

Today, you earn an amount X because of your skills and knowledge. If you listen to the teachings of Nikhil, some of Nikhil's knowledge will add to your knowledge and it will increase, thereby increasing your earning. You should attend his Seminars if:

      • You want to make much more money in your profession.
      • You are a Software developer and worried about the fast changing technologies.
      • You want to be truly happy everyday.
      • You want to be popular in parties and make many good friends.
      • You want to work less hard and attract success easily.
      • You want to attract beautiful people in your life.
      • You want your life to feel secure and not in the control of your boss / market conditions.
      • You want to make a difference in this world and make a name.

Nikhil teaching Android in IIT Kgp, 2012.

Nikhil teaching Android in IIT Kgp, 2013.

Nikhil teaching Android in Pailan College in association with IIT Kgp, 2013.

Nikhil started IPEG Solutions, a web services company, with clients from US,UK, ISO Certified, with Rs.0

Through his institute FreshersIndia, Nikhil has helped thousands of Freshers find their dream careers.

Nikhil is hailed as the best PHP trainer and has been selected for corporate training of many software companies, shown here is Limtex Infotech.

UST Globals, Kerala's biggest Software company, CMM5, selected Nikhil for an advanced PHP Corporate training, spending Rs.100,000/- for just a three day training.

National newspapers like Times of India, Hindustan Times, DNA etc have run reports on the works of Nikhil.

Nikhil's website www.indiwood.com is India's No.2 Talent website for actors, models and artists.

Inspirational, Educational and Motivational Videos:

Nikhil created www.indiwood.com, which is a platform for Models, Actors, Artists etc to collaborate, and apply for Media jobs. Indiwood is #2 in India today. A few bollywood celebrities have been interviewed by Indiwood Partner Rachit Malhotra and they share their motivational success stories with you.